Why Sam’s Club Gas Prices Are So High

Gas prices are up in Michigan and across the country. It makes sense to drive farther and further to get better gas prices. But, is it worth it? If you drive a vehicle that gets better gas mileage than other vehicles in your same price range, why spend more money at Sam’s Club? If it’s just cosmetic, why do it?

There are some benefits to having a Membership with Sam’s Club

You’ll get discounts on service, including gas prices. You can use your membership card for any services you want, right at home or on the go. You also get discounts on travel, hotel stays, cruises, rental cars and much more. If you’re traveling in the Ann Arbor area, you’re probably already familiar with this benefit. In fact, many memberships are included in the popular Ann Arbor Traveler passes.

There are a lot of reasons why gas prices are up, including the ongoing wars in the Middle East. In fact, during the Iraq War, the price of fuel was so high, that a lot of US citizens who were fighting there were stranded when they returned home. Oil companies were getting so insecure, that they started increasing prices again. This is the exact opposite of what should happen when you’re driving in Michigan, where oil prices have been at record lows.

However, it is not just the price of gas that makes Michigan a great state to live in

It’s a great climate, with warm winters and cool summers. Michigan is the home of the US Army Corp of Engineers, which has several headquarters located there. It also has numerous ports around the state. In fact, the port of Detroit is one of the largest in the world, and handles all kinds of trucks, railcars, barges and vessels. As you can see, Michigan is quite the shipping center!

So, the high cost of gas certainly doesn’t help the economy. But the high number of shipping jobs along the coast don’t help either. Shipping is one of the few industries that continues to expand no matter what the rest of the country is doing. And if there’s any good news there, it’s that fuel prices have continued to decrease, while growth is still rising. So, those factors don’t help the economy at all.

However, gas prices are not the only thing that drive costs up in the state. Motorists overpay even more because of high auto insurance rates. No matter how you slice it, Michigan drivers pay more than drivers in many other states. How is this so? Well, the state government raises its taxes on top of the gasoline tax that motorists already pay, which means that those drivers end up paying a third of their annual income in car insurance fees. The average Michigan driver pays less than half of that.