Review of Sam’s Club Gas Station in Spokane Washington

Even though I am in Washington State there are many reasons that make a trip to the Sam’s Club Gas Station in Spokane off the beaten path an excellent idea. One of these reasons is the prices at many of the super market gas stations. If you do not have a lot of money to spend you might want to consider Sam’s Club as an alternative fuel source. Of course they are local so you can use their services.

Considering using the SBC gas station

The first thing that I would try to explain to anyone who is considering using the SBC gas station as an alternative fuel source is how it operates. Most of these locations are owned by a huge oil refineries and they are owned by an individual. The owner of the gas station does not have any desire to reduce gas prices. That is not the case at the local refineries, they need to sell gasoline to distributors in order to make money. Since most consumers in Spokane Washington do not drive to the larger cities like Spokane or Seattle, it makes sense for them to fill up at the smaller local gas station.

The SBC Gas Station is located in a very convenient location if you live in the Spokane area. They are only a few blocks away from Spokane University and approximately three miles away from the Spokane International Airport. This means that you are very close to your home when you use the station. For those of us that live here in Spokane, it makes perfect sense to fill up at this station rather than driving all the way into town to get gas.

Variety of products that they offer

Another good reason for using the SBC gas station is the variety of products that they offer. It seems like every other gas station in Spokane offers the same basic things: unleaded, station mix, etc. The SBC station has something for everybody. You name it they will have it.

As far as the service is concerned, it is a top notch. The people at the gas station are very knowledgeable and friendly. I have only ever had one experience with a problem. There was a girl that worked there that was absolutely rude and arrogant. She made a comment that I thought was derogatory and when I told her name she started to cry. So, I decided not to fill up at that particular gas station any longer.

Overall, I love going to the SBC gas station. I think anyone who lives in Spokane should make it a point to visit at least once. It is a nice place and they make you feel welcomed. It is a great deal, and it beats driving all the way downtown to get gas.