Living Cheap in Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi, Texas, is a wonderful place for holidaying. The coast is flat and inviting and offers a wide range of scenery including white sand beaches, Gulf shores, bayous, wildlife, and plenty of Texas hospitality to be explored. One of the main sights that will be memorable for many visitors to Corpus Christi is the Sam’s Club Corpus Christi. This popular landmark was built in the early 1960s as an addition to a planned community. The original plan called for a four-acre lakefront resort, with a large golf course on the site.

Improvements made to the original plan

As the community grew, improvements were made to the original plan, extending the resort into a two-mile marina along the beach. Beach houses, condos, hotels, and even condominiums have been added to the original plan. When shopping for a Corpus Christi property today, one will find plenty of excellent options. Amenities such as an on-site fitness facility, swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts, are located in key areas. The club’s on-site restaurant serves lunch and dinner nightly, and there are meeting rooms available for rent for small private meetings.

Corpus Christi offers amazing shopping experiences, with major retail outlets ranging from flagship department stores like Marshalls to local specialty stores. Hobby shops, art galleries, gift shops, and even clothing boutiques can be found throughout the city. Finding items for your outdoor patio or deck is simple when using any of the major search engines. Prices are also very reasonable, depending on what you’re looking for. Gas prices in Texas are high, but prices at the gas station nearest you are more than reasonable when compared to other areas, especially in these troubled times.

As with most cities in the United States, the cost of daily usage of energy in Corpus Christi is rising. The city has made some headway toward encouraging growth and development by offering tax incentives to businesses and homes that install new, efficient appliances such as efficient heaters and water heaters. But the high price of gasoline makes it a challenge to stay warm and enjoy your winter vacations.

It’s easy to find a local motel that offers rooms to rent at a reasonable rate

Many do not offer rooms for recreational vehicles. This means that if you need to rent a RV in Corpus Christi, you’ll have to drive or take a bus or boat to the closest RV parking lot or campground. It is possible to find decent accommodations in the quiet neighborhoods around the city, but it may take some searching. For example, it was relatively easy to locate a good motels in the proximity of the University of Texas, but finding a decent motel in the middle of the night in a nocturnal climate can be somewhat difficult.

A good way to avoid rising gas prices in Corpus Christi is to look for a travel package that includes vacation rentals. The rates are often far more reasonable than if you booked an entire vacation or package trip using airfare, hotel, car rental and other typical travel costs. These types of packages are available through a number of online providers. Check them out and compare the different prices before you decide on the best overall deal for your travel plans.