How to Save at Sams Club Gas Prices

There was a big flap in the market recently over the subject of gas prices and the price at Sam’s Club. This club for members is one of the biggest in the country with more than ten million members. There are many loyal customers that keep buying there products on fixed monthly payments even during the ups and downs of the economy. It’s one of the top tier stores in the country. Its loyal customers tend to drive up the gas prices at the pump.

For the most part, the pricing at Sam’s Club is based on membership pricing

If you pay your bill on a monthly basis, they will mark up the price to accommodate your membership fee. They don’t do this with every oil change, or when you run a balance over at any of their gas stations. They usually set the price of the gas up for the member to benefit from, but not to mark up the price so much they become unprofitable.

The question is why do they do this?

If they set the gas station up like any other franchised gas station in the country, why would they charge more there? There are many factors including tax, licensing, and of course how they do business. A franchised gas station in Tennessee would have no problem passing this along to consumers.

So if you are a loyal customer, you should check current gas prices at Sams Club to see if the membership pricing is out of line. It’s not just one or two stores setting the price. It’s a nationwide chain with many outlets. In fact, in some areas they carry regular gas prices as well as Costco brand gas. It’s not a good idea to rely solely on your local Sams Club to meet your needs. Find out why they pass on additional profit to their members.

You can also ask friends and family about where they get their gas from and what type of membership they have. You may get lucky and get some great recommendations for places to get your gas. Keep in mind though, that it’s important to check out the actual location to make sure it’s not just a re-purchase location. You don’t want to pay more than you have to.

You can also use an online tool that compares Sams Club gas prices from various suppliers. This lets you see who has the cheapest price across all locations. You can also see how long it will take you to earn the rewards you earn with the different levels. You can also see which of the store locations have the best ave ne value. This helps you choose the best ave ne membership price when you’re looking for ways to save at Sams Club.