Gas Stations Near Me – Do They Charge More at One Than Others?

“Come visit my Edison gas station. We have converted the gas station from being open for the public to Members only.” This is what the sign in front of the gas station read before I moved into the neighborhood some fifteen years ago. Looking back, I can see how far they got with it.

Now, gas prices at Sam’s clubs are not near as drastic as the gas stations were

However, that could change. Some people think that it’s a good thing that gas prices are as high as they are because it forces people to use more efficient cars and use less gas. I’m not sure that this is necessarily true. I did find that when I went to get gas at the Sam’s Club on a Sunday, I did notice a lot of people driving up in their new cars and taking quite awhile to fill up their tanks.

In addition to the convenience of having a gas station within walking distance, gas stations near residential areas seem to attract a lot more drivers than other gas stations. It seems like every house that I’ve lived in has one gas station. It seems like each house holder uses the gas in the exact same car that they drive to work, and then use the same gas station to get home. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of correlation between where you live and your gas consumption.

Very high maintenance fees

One of the reasons for the relatively high gas prices near your house is that Sam’s Club has very high maintenance fees and a very high annual membership fee. It costs about seven dollars for a membership, and another twenty-five dollars for a maintenance fee. That works out to about three hundred and fifty dollars per year for my monthly bills. Since I drive only a few miles to work each day, the money I make doesn’t really add up to much. But gas stations are a much bigger expense.

It costs less than three dollars at most gas stations in my city, and I get around thirty bucks back from the membership card. It doesn’t cost much, but a gas station near my house brings me nearly fifteen dollars a week. That adds up to about forty-five dollars a month. Not very much, or yet, but it’s much better than the Sam’s Club card.

I don’t know why gas stations near my house cost so much. Perhaps the people driving to work and coming back also use gas at the same place. I’m not a very frugal person, so I would likely never guess why gas stations charge so much. I am, however, glad that I have a gas station close by. I can get around it by using the bike pump, which is right next to the gas pump.