Gas Station Prices – How to Save Money

“I’m fed up with paying full price for gasoline at the gas pump,” says Jim. “I want to pay just $2.50 for a tank of gas.” “Your gas prices are too high,” replies his father, Jack. “You can fill up your own car.” Jim protests. “My Dad’s paying for all of those gasoline rebates, and I’m not going to pay that much anymore.”

Jim’s father, a car salesman for 23 years, visits the Sam’s Club gas station to see if they can help. “We’ve changed the gas station from being open to Members only, to Non-members. We no longer sell gasoline to non-members, so we don’t advertise on the street price either. Now, every pumps will now display the Member discounted retail prices.”

Jim and his father also discover that they can receive up to fifteen percent off their entire purchases at the Sam’s Club gas station. “That’s fantastic,” says Jim. “That means I’ll be buying gas less often.” Jim also discovers that many of the Non-members at the station also receive fifteen percent off their entire purchases. This includes their daily use of gas, but also includes half off their merchandise purchases at the Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Clubs have become popular because of their discounts and their membership requirements

Sam’s clubs require that you meet a certain income requirement, which is determined by your tax return form. For most people, this isn’t a major concern. Yet, some people find the requirements for joining this kind of club to be unnecessarily restrictive. Jim, who is already a member of another major nationwide chain of gas stations, finds that he’d rather pay his bill at the gas station where he gets his morning coffee than at Sams Club.

The discounts received at Sams Club gas stations are based on how much you agree to spend, not on how much you buy. For Sams Club gas station prices, if you agree to spend fifty cents per gallon, you will receive a five dollar off the price of your next gallon. You agree to spend that money before you receive your discount, so you know right away that you will be saving money. If you want to pay more money, but you know that you’ll be saving money on your gasoline purchases anyway, you can. But as far as what you can actually do to save on gas, you’ll just need to spend time looking for the discounts.

It’s impossible to say whether the discounts at Sams Club gas stations are sufficient to make the price of gas more affordable to regular drivers

After all, most people only use their gas cards on occasion. And when you do use your card, the discounts that come with it are almost always worth the money spent. However, you should keep in mind that gas station prices are not likely to change, even in the face of increasing gasoline costs.