Gas Station Prices Have Raised to the Top

Sam’s Club recently reported their gas prices in Michigan increased. They had to raise the prices because of increasing demand and high operating costs associated with the company. The gas stations in the area, which is located just south of I- Rouge in Saginaw Bay, have been hit hard by the fluctuating gas prices that are charged by the larger national company. Although, it is true that other smaller stations also increase their prices, but it seems to be that the larger franchised gas stations have been hurt the most by the recent price increase. How is this affecting the residents of this area?

Best deal

Gas prices have been known to go up anywhere in the country at anytime, which is why it is so important to make sure that you get the best deal possible when buying gas. But, is it really possible that the larger franchised gas stations have been affected the most? In fact, it is possible that it may be one of the reasons that they have been given the price increase. There are a few different theories as to why Sam’s Club gas station in Saginaw Bay has increased their prices, but let’s take a look at some of the others.

One theory is that the larger franchises are putting the prices up in order to get more customers through the door. This would make sense because these are the very same gas stations that have been bringing people into the establishment for years. And, even if they are charging more, the competition between these smaller gas stations is just not as strong. If they were not increasing their prices, than customers would simply pass on their local option to another gas station in town.

The competition

Another reason is that the competition between Sam’s Club and the other gas stations has grown heated. This is because the larger franchisees are charging more money for gas, while smaller independent gas stations cannot compete with the prices that the larger chains are offering. In fact, this type of pricing battle has been happening for quite some time. And, with the economy in decline, the companies who are experiencing this increase in prices have no choice but to raise their prices in order to stay afloat. They know that the customers will not re-price their gas purchases at the current high prices, so by raising their prices they can increase their customer base and profits.

But the most popular theory on why the gas station prices have risen, at least in Saginaw Bay, is because of the new credit card terminal that has been placed in many of the gas stations across the city. This machine is capable of giving the customer all of their fuel station information at one time, so they do not have to take their time finding the exact gas station that they are using. The new technology has made fuel purchases very convenient, but this convenience has also come with an increase in the cost of gas. Customers love this convenience, but they hate the high cost of gas. And, since many of them do not have a credit card that is associated with a bank, they have no choice but to pay the higher price in order to get their purchases purchased.

The good news is that, if customers do not mind paying the high price of gas every month, they will gladly re-visit their local gas stations in Saginaw Bay. The loyal customers that visit these gas stations every single month, will tell all their friends about the wonderful service, the convenience, and the affordable prices. The loyal customer will continue to buy gas every month as long as they live in Saginaw Bay, because they have gotten accustomed to the affordable prices that they have been enjoying. If they were not satisfied with the services they received, they would likely find another company to do business with. The gas station business is a very competitive market, and the companies have to go above and over to keep their customers satisfied.