Gas Prices at Sam’s Club Vs Gas stations

Gas prices are as high as they have been at anytime in the past two years, and this is the first time that I feel the pinch as a Colorado resident. I am one of the many Colorados who own a vehicle, so gas prices were not an issue for me. But I recently had to make a major life change due to a change in my employment. My spouse, who is a dentist, unexpectedly announced that he was going to move across the country. I was not prepared for this because our car was a large toy hauler that we had purchased to use as a getaway vehicle whenever we were on vacation. This caused a great deal of stress for us, as it meant we could not spend much time in our vehicle.

The good thing is that gas prices have continued to drop, and now that we are in our new home, I can enjoy the simplicity of being able to drive down the road. It has been amazing how gas prices have plummeted in Colorado Springs, just like they have in many other areas around the country. I have shopped around in various cities, and although some are a bit higher than others, I have enjoyed each and every time I have been to the local Sam’s Club. I know that I am paying the most affordable price for gas that I have ever paid.

If you are like me, and if you are a resident of Colorado Springs, you may be wondering why Sam’s Club is one of the best places for a gas card. I will tell you what my experiences have been. When I joined the club, I was a twenty-three year old female with a clean driving record. I had never planned to purchase a gas card, but as I was gaining membership, I suddenly felt that it would be a great idea to do so.

One of the reasons that I purchased my cards online was that I did not want to have to worry about filling up my tank at the nearest gas station on a busy day. The other reason that I purchased mine online was because I wanted to save money on fuel, especially when it was winter time. I was able to find several Sam’s Club gas stations that offered their own cards, and I chose those that gave the best deals.

When I visited the local Sam’s Club gas station in Colorado Springs, there were a few people who seemed to be standing outside the building waiting for a card. I noticed them browsing the card while waiting, and it was obvious that they were trying to decide whether or not they should buy a gas card. After a few people stood around talking, I decided that I too might want to apply for a gas card, and I asked them where they got their cards. One of the guys told me that he got his card from an office supply store across the street from the gas station.

I was impressed with the fact that they had gone the extra mile to deliver the card to my front door. I already knew that they had low prices, and I was curious as to how they could afford such low prices. They told me that they constantly purchase gas from the club, and they don’t sell any gas at the gas station. Apparently, they also fill up their gas tank at a Shell station on their way home from work. That was very helpful information.