Finding Good Fuel Prices in NC

Gas prices at Sam’s Club and other stores across North Carolina are very high right now. There is no doubt that the demand for gas will continue to go up, especially with winter around the corner. But, how are things going right now for the oil and gas industry? Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to see an increase in oil and gas jobs. Even if not all the oil and gas jobs are available, there is a lot of potential in this state. As such, I have some comments on Sam’s Club gas prices and the current state of the economy.

As you know, North Carolina is one of the most popular shipping and transportation hubs in the United States

In fact, many of the biggest companies like Freightliner, Energy Transilience and Continental Automotive are headquartered here. Not to mention, the state of NC is home to Chapel Hill, a major medical center and University. This combination of large corporations, shipping and transportation has fueled up the cost of fuel for years, and the recent drop in gas prices hasn’t helped matters.

Even though we may be in a down economy, we have seen an increase in average gas prices across the country. So, we know that North Carolina is affected by this across the board. The question becomes, how does this affect people living in Hickory NC, a town of just over 14k people?

Well, let me ask you this question: do you think that your oil and gas prices are affected if you drive into Larnaca, NC or any of the other small coastal towns along the shore? Probably not. But, I ask you, how would you feel if you were a resident of Hickory NC? I’m willing to bet that you would feel a lot better if you could drive into Larnaca, NC and find a fuel pump that was priced higher than the average gas pump in North Carolina.

Now, does that mean you should drive from Wilmington, NC to Hickory NC in order to fill up your car?

Well, if you have to do that in order to get the oil or gas that you need, then I’d say you might be better off going somewhere else. That’s because there is a pretty good chance that you would find the same gas pump for sale at a cheaper price in another town. Plus, when you go between larger towns, the prices tend to be a little bit higher. You always want to stay within driving distance of larger cities, even if you have to drive a little bit farther.

One thing you can do if you are driving through NC with your truck full of oil or gas is to take advantage of Sam’s Club discounts. There are some great gas deals that you can get if you join up at the Sam’s Club gas stations located in NC. Plus, you will also have access to other great gas deals, such as those at Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven. As a reminder, when driving through NC with your truck full of fuel or oil, try to avoid filling up any gas tanks that you see around you. That way, you can save money on your fuel bill each month.