Are You Staying at a Sam’s Club?

“I just learned that our local Sam’s Club gas station is changing their price structure. Where is it going? ” asked a friend in Philadelphia.

“They are considering it,” I replied. “What about gas at Sears?” he asked. “We used to get it at Sears and now we are getting it at their gas station in Oakdale. Now I am really confused.”

“You mean you are getting it at Sam’s?” his friend laughed. ” Yep. And it’s cheaper.” “Great!”

“Why are they changing prices then?” he asked. “I don’t know, maybe they are trying to recover some of their financial losses from selling a lot of gas at the pumps last year to member’s. Since it’s the summer I’m guessing they are trying to increase their sales to keep members, and their profits, happy.”

“But why would they do that?” another friend chimed in. “That doesn’t make much sense. If they are increasing gas prices to get more money out of the pockets of their members, why would they want to lower it where it makes more sense to them?”

“I suppose they could raise the price at anytime and change it, but it probably wouldn’t be good for business. And who wants to get the gas they pay for at the pumps at the lowest price when you can get it any place else? Especially when we already pay too much gas?” I said. people actually park farther away from the gas pumps. Apparently these Sam’s Club members are so loyal they are willing to pay the higher prices just to get there a little sooner. Then again, isn’t it wise to park where it is cheaper to go? Not every where has convenient parking.

Another problem I heard is that the guy who cleans the gas pump sometimes comes by and cleans right in front of the customers. I suppose it’s supposed to be bad seeing all the cleaning products on there. But it sure does stink when you pay the extra money. The customers also said that they often get irritated when they go to the gas station and no one is there to talk to them, but rather wait for them to ask if they need anything.

When you go to the local gas station you always have someone there to help you with your gas questions. And even if they don’t have time to chat, you still have the option of getting a large fuel pump sticker to put on your car that says, “Please be my driver.” Even though I’m not sure what kind of sticker they will come up with, it is sure to catch people’s attention. Maybe it will keep them from going to your gas station.

It seems like there are a lot of problems with the Sam’s Club gas station. Personally, I would stay away from them, and I would also recommend staying away from any other local gas stations that have this problem. If you want to save money and you want to go the cheapest route possible, stay away from gas stations altogether. It’s better to buy your fuel at home than it is anywhere else. You will be saving money, and your family will be safe.