Sam’s Club Gas Prices Reviews

“I live in Medford NY and have been watching gas prices go up. I feel that it is unfair that we pay so much for gas when the rest of the country can get cheaper fuel, but I guess we are all part of the economic system.” -Debra

“I just went to my local Sam’s Club gas station and they have gas prices that are even more expensive than before. Why are gas prices going up? How come we can’t get the same gas prices as everyone else? It seems that our gas stations are losing money. In this economy, it is hard to afford even the most basic gas station services.”

“I am a member of Sam’s Club and I love that you belong to a nationally recognized institution like them. It is very good company. The prices at the gas pumps are great, and it is nice to be able to get the service you need anytime you need it.” -Kathleen from Medford NY

“I am a native of New York City and I am very frustrated with the high gas prices. They are ridiculous! I pay almost $4 dollars a gallon to fill up my car at the pump. I am upset and I hate that it has to be this way. I’m thinking about switching to another gas station which is closer to home, but until then, I will stay at my current station.”

“I am very pleased that I chose to become a member of Sam’s Club. It makes me feel comfortable when I go to the store and they have a very knowledgeable associate who is always there to help. I am very loyal to them because I have been loyal to my Sam’s Club card for seven years now and it never let me down. I always felt that the membership process was a very easy one and I didn’t have any problems with the terms of service.”

“I have been using the gas station that is located at the corner of Central Park in Manhattan since they started offering gas prices online. It has been a great experience for me. I don’t have to worry about gas prices when I come to the store and I can easily pick up a free energy drink from a vending machine on my way out. I also like the fact that I can get a map and find out where the nearest gas stations are located.”